bkr 500ml Max - Glass & Silicone Water Bottle

bkr 500ml Max - Glass & Silicone Water Bottle


Inspired by the guy in a city of fleece who never leaves the house in anything less than head to toe chic, bright, glittery, colorful swerve, un-self-conscious, gentle and accommodating: did I want a coffee? Present, raised in city culture, an intelligent hugger, completely unfamiliar with the kitchen, a self-described neurotic, the person for whom you could buy a number of thousand-dollar gifts that you know he would die for, the first to know when sweater vests are back, who’s never tempted by questionable pizza and can handle a pink couch. Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.

  • Opaque Schiaparelli Bright Pink

  • Glass Bottle & Silicone Sleeve - Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe

  • 3” x 8” - 16oz

  • Perfect for everyday drinking, in the car, in your bag, on you always

  • Do not freeze or microwave

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