bkr 250ml Pepper - Glass & Silicone Water Bottle

bkr 250ml Pepper - Glass & Silicone Water Bottle


Inspired by the woman who’s a breath of fresh air, who understands the power of subtlety and restraint, who believes in self-love, is zen and effortless with a side of authentic, interviewed by Italian Vogue one day and incognito at pop-up parties in Chinatown the next, vacations on yachts in Europe, but also slips into fast food joints in the Village inconspicuously, whose art is so ethereal, soulful and meditative that it evokes goosebumps, who pairs cotton candy pastel couture with deep soul searching and breeziness, who doesn’t worry about making a mistake. I always knew that being 100% wholeheartedly me was going to pay off.


  • Opaque Sweet Peppermint Green

  • Glass Bottle & Silicone Sleeve - Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe

  • 2.5” x 7” - 8oz

  • Perfect for beauty elixirs, wellness tonics, for your little ones, in your ultra-cute handbag

  • Do not freeze or microwave

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